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How to Brunch: The Hunter & Soul Way

We all know that restriction can lead to you feeling depleted and depressed, especially when it comes to food. We can can have the best intentions to stick to a meal plan and to have better eating habits, but despite wanting the best for our bodies, there are times we simply just want to enjoy a meal with friends or attend that Sunday brunch.

Hunter and Soul is essentially about authenticity and embracing the dichotomy of life. I honestly believe this is the key to success. Being soft yet fierce, passionate yet peaceful, feminine yet badass, salty and sweet, yin and yang... you get the idea. It means embracing the extremities of both sides of the coin.

I want you to to be able to adopt healthier lifestyle choices yet still be able to indulge in the things you love most. But to help you to avoid the slippery slope of the cyclical motions of crash dieting , I’ve compiled my list of how to eat out the Hunter and Soul way.

Whole foods don't need ingredients. They ARE ingredients!

Whole foods don't need ingredients. They ARE ingredients!

GUIDE TO BRUNCHING: (Or Lunching/Dinnering/etc)

  • Be prepared. Before you arrive at the restaurant, check their menu and make a plan of what you’ll order to stick to your goals.
  • As soon as you arrive, order hot water and lemon. Drinking this before your meal will help to activate your digestive system.

  • Say no to the pre-meal bread basket/chips and salsa. Save yourself for the real good stuff.

  • Stick to ordering whole foods. That is, foods that don’t have ingredients, foods that ARE ingredients.

  • Opt for savory dishes, not sweet.

  • Forego the appetizer and just order one dish. Or, order two appetizers and no main. Either way, be mindful of portion control.

  • Crowd out. Fill up on the good stuff first. Order a side of veggies or green salad to start and then consider splitting your indulgent meal with a friend afterwards.

  • Know what your food is cooked in, and how it is prepared. Opt for grilled, poached, baked, steamed or broiled. Avoid fried. (Also avoid canola, seed and vegetable oils. Choose coconut, olive and avocado oils.)

  • Ask for your dressings/sauces/marinades on the side. Ask your server what the ingredients are and if in doubt, ask for a side of olive oil and lemon.

  • Avoid grains. However if you must have bread, go for sourdough. This type of dough has already started the fermentation process and is far easier to digest. Alternatively, ask for a bed of greens or veggies instead of the grain option (e.g. kale or spinach).

  • Be careful of sugary drinks - water is the best option if you want to avoid extra calories and carbs!

  • Avoid dessert. Instead, order herbal tea, share a cheese platter (with no crackers) or ask for a plate of fresh berries.

  • Be present and mindful. Commit to actually ENJOYING the company you’re with and engage in interesting conversation. Also, sip water as you eat to avoid wolfing your food down.


  • Poached Eggs with Avocado on a bed of Spinach

  • Unsweetened Oatmeal with Fresh Fruit

  • Unsweetened Yoghurt with Fresh Fruit

  • Smoked Salmon, Boiled Eggs with Watercress

  • Steamed Veggies with Grilled Chicken

  • Salmon Steak with Salad (dressed with EVOO and lemon juice)

  • Grass fed burger in a lettuce wrap with side of veggies or baked sweet potato

  • Avocado toast with extra veggies on sourdough toast

  • Brown Rice Sushi

  • Sashimi and Greens

  • Quality Protein with Quinoa and Vegetables

  • Fresh Vegetable crudite platter

Avocado Toast on Sourdough

Avocado Toast on Sourdough


  • Black Coffee/Cold Brew

  • Herbal Tea

  • Soda Water with Fresh Lemon

  • Iced Tea (Unsweetened)

  • Kombucha

  • Green Juice (NO Fruit, just greens)

  • Protein Smoothie with low carb fruit options

  • Matcha Latte

 I hope you found some value out of this post. If you have a comment, question or any feedback, I would love to hear from you. Email me at hunterandsoulnyc(@) and be sure to follow me on Instagram @tashahunter.

Acai, Wild Blueberry and Coconut Gummy

Pretty, pink and delicious! These yummy little treats are super easy to make, don't require too many ingredients and are great as a little high protein snack.

Pretty in Pink...

Pretty in Pink...

Choc-Fudge Raspberry Biscuit Gummy

Acai & Wild Blueberry Layer
3 tbsp grass-fed Gelatin
1/3 cup water
1 packet of Trader Joe's Organic Acai Puree
1/2- 1 cup Wild Blueberries
3-4 drops of organic stevia (or 1 tbsp brown rice syrup)

Coconut Layer
3 tbsp grass-fed gelatin
1/3 cup water
1 cup coconut cream
1/2 cup strawberries
3-4 drops of organic stevia (or 1 tbsp brown rice syrup)


1. First, 'bloom' your gelatin by mixing with 1/3 cup water.
2. In a saucepan, mix the acai puree and berries on low heat. Add in the stevia or brown rice syrup. Once mixed, add in your bloomed gelatin and stir.
3. Pour into glass container and set in fridge for an hour.
4. Once acai layer is set, begin making your second layer by first blooming your gelatin.
5. Then grab your can of coconut milk and scoop only the top 'cream' to place in blender. I usually pour out the liquid that has separated  (and keep it for smoothies) and just use the cream for my gummies. Some places just sell the cream on their own - but ensure there are no other nasty additives. Throw in strawberries and perhaps some extra wild blueberries and blend for a minute till the cream turns pink.
6. Pour mixture into saucepan and once warm, pour in bloomed gelatin. Pour over acai layer throw in some extra berries on top. Place in fridge to set.
7. Once set, cut up into cubes and enjoy!

Have you attempted to make some delicious gummy treats? Have any other questions, comments or feedback? Email me, I'd love to hear from you: